Incontinence Stigma Removal Piece

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    They say that the statistics are either not correct or up to date. This would be the number of men and women reporting themselves to the incontinence coral springs clinic for treatment. What, really, would they be treated for, and why would the stats be inaccurate and not up to date? Unless, you have an emergency to rush off to, sit in a little closer and read on.

    Urinary incontinence is a condition that many men and women simply cannot control. It is urine that leaks. And that means wetting your pants. It is quite embarrassing and this is why the stats are not up to scratch.

    Because of the perceived stigma, many men and women are simply too afraid and embarrassed to come forward. They also seem to be that it is a hopeless case and there is little or nothing anyone can do about their wet pants, least of all any doctors.

    The condition is not only medical and physical. It is emotional. Normal daily activities are completely disrupted as a result. There is always a preoccupation with having to be as close to a toilet as possible. Urinary incontinence is not an ageing issue, it can still affect many men and women of all ages.

    And will they all be wearing adult diapers? Let’s hope not. There is light at the tunnel because this condition can be treated or managed. But overcome the first hurdle and go and have a talk with your doctor. A treatment option can be put forward right away. Just remember that you are not alone.

    Millions of people around the country also have what is known as an overactive bladder, or OAB. They have their own urgent or rapidity or regularity symptoms and these need not be related to incontinence at all.