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    Restless Legs While You Sleep?

    Have you been having trouble sleeping lately? There could be many reasons for this but one of the most common causes of sleep disturbances and deprivation are high levels of stress and anxiety. There are, of course, numerous other causes, all related to physical and emotional traumas, illnesses, diseases, as well as post-operative symptomatic results.

    And would you believe that the restless legs syndrome houston tx treatment is quite common too? Just how is this possible, and what is it? It is a common disturbance that is generally untreated in most people. This condition is not included in medical practitioner’s theory and practical training.

    restless legs syndrome houston tx

    So, at the time of endeavoring to make a diagnosis on behalf of a troubled patient, they are not able to identify this condition. But the identification and treatment thereof has improved. The condition is identifiable with uncomfortable and restless sensations in the legs and feet whilst lying in bed at night just before nodding off to sleep.

    Or trying to.

    But once asleep, the sensations persist. While sleeping, there will be brief movements of the legs. It lasts no more than five seconds and it occurs every twenty to forty seconds. It does not occur throughout the night and usually occurs at different stages of the night. Leg twitches range from mild muscle contractions to extreme kicking movements. This becomes a problem when the sufferer is sharing a bed with someone.

    Make that two sufferers then.

    The restless leg syndrome is also known as periodic limb movements of sleep. It is the periodic pattern of the movements that make the sensations quite unique. Restless legs syndrome or periodic limb movements can lead to insomnia. That means sleepless nights. Tossing and turning. Lots of pacing the floorboards.